Northside Baptist Church

Created with Purpose

Ephesians 2:10 (ESV) For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

My oldest son studied mechanical and aerospace engineering. While in engineering school he worked for one of his professors doing research and design. One day while home from school he told me about a project he had been working on. He had been designing a new nozzle for a piece of equipment. The whole of his explanation was way over my head. But as he talked I did get something out of it. Every piece or part of the nozzle he was designing served a particular purpose. It was created specifically for that purpose. It was part of a larger machine which was also designed for a purpose.

Everywhere I look I see things that were made or created for specific purposes. The buttons on my shirt, very low-tech, have purpose. They keep my shirt closed. The knob and lock on my door were made with a purpose in mind. The wallpaper in my den has purpose. No matter what you point to, you can be assured that someone somewhere designed it with a purpose in mind. It is only natural that it be so. We are following a pattern that was set from the beginning. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.”

Here is an amazing thought. The God who created the heaven and the earth in 6 days, also created you. And He did so for a purpose. Here in Eph 2:10 we find a purpose for which we are created. Paul tells us that we are created for good works. A basic definition for “good works” is something we labor at that is beneficial to others. We are told that God in His infinite wisdom pre-ordained we should “walk” in them. Wherever we walk, in school, on the job, at the store, visiting a friend, meeting someone new, or any “walk” you can imagine, we should be doing good works.

These good works are as wide-ranging in scope and appearance as there are people to do the good works. A kind word or a friendly face. Physical labor to help with a project. A few dollars or food given to help in hard times. These are all “good works”. Everywhere around us we see needy people and the needs we see can often lead us to the “good work” we must do. We should not feel guilty when we simple can’t do it all, but we should be walking regularly in “good works“. The needs we see may seem overwhelming but we must remember we serve a very big God. He is an infinite God, an Almighty God, and a loving God. He is truly pleased when His workmanship fulfills the purpose for which it was created, and that is to walk in good works.

Dear God, Help us to walk in good works. Help us to serve the purpose you created us to serve. Help us to share your love to the world around us by our good works. Amen!